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American Heritage Rivers Initiative provides help to communities to restore and revitalize waters and waterfronts, integrating the economic, environmental and historic preservation programs and services of federal agencies to benefit communities engaged in efforts to protect their rivers.

Beach Program provides grants to state, tribal, interstate, and local agencies to establish effective monitoring and public notification programs for beaches. The first federal site to contain information about local beach closings and conditions.

Clean Lakes Program information about the quality of America's lakes and technical resources for management of lakes.

Coastal and Ocean Programs access to information on ocean discharges, ocean dumping, marine debris efforts.

Drinking Water and Ground Water Protection Programs - a collection of information about efforts to educate and communicate about water issues.

Enviro$en$e - this site provides a single repository for pollution prevention, compliance assurance, and enforcement information and data bases.

Fish Consumption Advisories - several resources that include all available information describing state-, tribal-, and federally-issued fish consumption advisories in the United States for the 50 states, the District of Columbia, four U.S. territories, and the 12 Canadian provinces and territories.

Great Lakes National Program - brings together Federal, state, tribal, local, and industry partners in an integrated, ecosystem approach to protect, maintain, and restore the chemical, biological, and physical integrity of the Great Lakes.

Gulf of Mexico Program - works with many partners from Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas to protect the 1.8 million square miles that make up the waters of the Gulf.

Mobile Sources - carries out a broad range of activities to reduce pollutants emitted from motor vehicles, marine vehicles (boats) and their fuels.

National Estuary Program - information about this effort to protect and restore the health of estuaries while supporting economic and recreational activities.

Nonpoint Source Pollution Control - access information about polluted runoff and exchange information about methods for reducing the effects of this environmental issue.

Oil Spill Program - information about the U.S. EPA's program for preventing, preparing for, and responding to oil spills that occur in and around inland waters of the United States.

Pollutant Load Allocation (Total Maximum Daily Loads) - provides information on EPA's Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Program under section 303(d) of the Clean Water Act (CWA).

Superfund Information - locates, investigates and cleans up the worst hazardous waste sites throughout the United States.

Toxic Release Inventory - the source of information about toxic chemicals that are being used, manufactured, transported, or released into the environment.

Volunteer Monitoring Program - addresses methods and tools to monitor, assess, and report on the health of America's water resources, and software and automated information systems to manage monitoring data.

Wastewater Management - access a range of programs contributing to the well-being of our nation's waters and watersheds.

Water Efficiency - EPA's water efficiency program is currently focusing on creating a market enhancement program for water efficient products. This site also provides a wide variety of information on other water efficiency topics, publications (many in down-loadable format), and links to other very useful water efficiency web sites.

Water Quality Standards, Criteria, and Methods - this program is responsible for developing sound, scientifically defensible standards, criteria, advisories, guidelines, limitations and standards guidelines for the Office of Water.

Watershed Information Network - A road map to information services for protecting and restoring water resources. This site includes the Watershed Atlas, a catalog of geo-spatial displays and analyses of information and data important for watershed protection and restoration.

Watershed Management - this program encourages solutions to water quality and ecosystem problems at the watershed level rather than at the individual waterbody or discharger level.

Wetlands Program - encourages and enables others to act effectively in protecting and restoring the nation's wetlands and associated ecosystems.

CFR - Code of Fed Reg.
Children's Health
Clean Air Act
Clean Water Act
Human Health
Ice Snow
Natural Events
Oil Spill/SPCC
Particulate Pollution
Pollution Prevention
Treatment and Control
Winter Storms
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