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Partners for the Environment - a listing of EPA's voluntary partnership programs with programs presented by topic.

Best Workplaces for Commuters (formerly Commuter Choice Leadership Initiative) - Best Workplaces for Commuters is a joint EPA and U.S. Department of Transportation recognition and partnership program that encourages employers to offer their employees an outstanding level of commuter benefits such as tax-free transit passes, vanpool benefits, or telecommuting.

Climate Leaders Partnership - Climate Leaders is a voluntary industry- government partnership that encourages companies to develop long-term comprehensive climate change strategies and set greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction goals.

Combined Heat and Power - also known as cogeneration, is an efficient and reliable approach to generating power and thermal energy from a single fuel source. CHP is more efficient, cleaner, and reliable than conventional central power plants. The EPA Combined Heat and Power Partnership is a voluntary program that seeks to reduce the environmental impact of power generation by fostering the use of cost-effective CHP.

Compliance and Assistance Programs - a listing of EPA Business Initiatives and compliance assistance information.

Design for the Environment - voluntary program designed to help businesses incorporate environmental considerations into the design and redesign of products, processes, and technical and management systems.

Energy Star - voluntary programs and products designed to promote energy efficiency, reduce pollution, and save money for consumers, organizations and businesses.

Environmental Accounting Project - voluntary program to encourage and motivate business to understand the full spectrum of their environmental costs, and integrate these costs into decision making.

Green Power Partnership - The Green Power Partnership is a voluntary Partnership between the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and organizations that are interested in buying green power. Through this program, the EPA supports organizations that are buying or planning to buy green power. As a Green Power Partner, an organization pledges to replace a portion of its electricity consumption with green power within a year of joining the Partnership. The EPA offers credible benchmarks for green power purchases, market information, and opportunities for recognition and promotion of leading purchasers.

National Environmental Performance Track Program - Designed to recognize and encourage top environmental performers -- those who go beyond compliance with regulatory requirements to attain levels of environmental performance and management that benefit people, communities, and the environment.

The National Waste Minimization Partnership Program: In a Nutshell - The National Waste Minimization Partnership Program encourages EPA, state and local governments, manufacturers and other commercial companies, and/or non-governmental organizations to form voluntary partnerships that reduce the generation of hazardous wastes containing any of 30 Waste Minimization Priority Chemicals.

Methane Outreach - voluntary programs designed to promote profitable opportunities for reducing methane and other greenhouse gas emissions in the US.

Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program - - a voluntary program that forms partnerships with pesticide users to reduce health and environmental risk and implement pollution prevention strategies.

Project XL - a national pilot program that tests innovative ways of achieving better and more cost-effective public health and environmental protection.

Sector Facility Indexing Project - a pilot program that provides comprehensive information on the environmental performance of hundreds of facilities in five major industries.

Sector Strategies Program - EPA is working in a variety of ways with different industry sectors to promote improved environmental performance with reduced regulatory burden.

SmartWaySM Transport Partnership - a voluntary collaboration between U.S. EPA and the freight industry designed to increase energy efficiency while significantly reducing greenhouse gases and air pollution. SmartWay Transport Partners lead the way towards a cleaner, more efficient transportation future by adopting fuel-saving strategies that increase profits and reduce emissions -- a "win-win" opportunity for all.

WasteWise - a voluntary program that targets the reduction of municipal solid waste; waste that would otherwise end up in a trash dumpster.

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